Tuesday, August 30, 2022

RasPi Eyesy Clone Part 3 - The Case (Part 2) and MORE


After many MANY remeasures, the case is complete!

Everything lines up 99% of the way. Some interference with the microHDMI, and the headphone jack is off center but not interfering. Output RCA was a stretch, and works with some RCA plugs (half sleeved for the most part)

Was even able to get a small button to fit perfectly on top of the left output RCA with a dab of hot glue, and ran wires to a open GPIO (21) and ground, to allow for clean shutdown.

Will upload the case here in the next few days and link to the TinkerCAD file so you can edit it however you wish. Keep your eye on this blog.
And yes, this case will work for any application of the AudioInector, so have fun with the design when it comes!

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